The Challenge

Networks as well as facilitating the modern communication needs of enterprises are realising that they lack a flexible tool to quickly and easily understand how their businesses work crucially at those times when there are failures. Network Management Systems [NMS] are not new and there are many offerings that offer an unrivalled quality, but what has been lacking is the ability to analyse the data in the wider context of the enterprise. Qubida Data Analytics platform gives the user the holistic tools to understand why errors occur and creates insights that can shape the root cause analysis and solution response. MyRepublic offers fibre broadband services in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia as well as ADSL plans in Australia, VDSL services in New Zealand, and cable TV packages in Indonesia. The company has a combined subscriber base of 200,000 across the four countries.

MyRepublic has a young and dynamic client base that demands and receives an exceptional level of service. In Feb 2017 MyRepublic asked Qubida Analytics to solve a problem it was having across its Singapore network. Qubida offered MyRepublic a holistic and transformative solution that would enable them to successfully filter out network noise and empower the network teams to deliver an optimised service to both internal and external users.

The Solution

An exceptionally competitive team implemented Data In Motion model [connect, discover, decide] using Qubida’s On Demand, Self-Service Big Data web platform. Qubida’s platform connects, ingests, prepares the data and visualize them from disparate sources on demand either in real time or historically. MyRepublic’s network data comes from various sources like .csv files, log file systems and Postgres databases etc. that includes product, quality, network and incidents data. Qubida enables MyRepublic to ingest Network Management Data on the web platform (seamlessly integrated with the Hadoop architecture in the background) and to transmute the data before creating insights. Single point of truth empowers users to rely on the data quality and integrity all the time.

With Qubida, MyRepublic has the ability to perform data mining on its data regardless of whether it is internal or external in origin. Qubida’s Big Data platform provides built-in Advanced Analytics capabilities seamlessly integrated with ETL and traditional Data Warehouse stacks. A highly scalable (up or down) on-demand Qubida platform, is a game changer for a data-driven organization, it allows additional query views and data dimensions based on the data structures and formats to be accommodated. Query filters capabilities have been designed to accommodate faster processing and aggregation of data, enabling rich query performance and an enhanced user experience. Data ingestion and transformation has been automated using GUI interface on the Qubida platform, reducing the dependency on an IT Staff. Qubida allows timely distribution, consolidation and management of data with the possibility to make Historical data available to users (on demand scalability). The solution has a Rich and intuitive UI to enable data discovery as well as operational analytical capabilities. Qubida has empowered MyRepublic to devise its own business rules (simple or complex) to allow its data to reveal those revolutionary insights from of its disparate data sources.

The Key Benefits

Qubida, as a solution platform enables MyRepublic to service its diverse and expert client base with rich and real-time data, to be precisely focussed on taking proactive measures to improve productivity, QoS, operations, financials, network performance etc. Qubida implementation equals higher ROI and lower TCO for MyRepublic.

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