The Challenge

In October 2015 Datalynx Group invited Zuellig Pharma to a preview of the Qubida Platform. We discussed their data strategy and learnt that they had a simple, but critical requirement. Zuellig Pharma had access to a huge wealth of commercial and transactional data, untapped in its potential, and chronically underutilized. They needed a holistic and transformative solution that would enable them to become the nexus data and information access hub across the healthcare ecosystem – for both internal and external users.

Zuellig Pharma’s strategy was (a) to amalgamate disparate sources of data and information and (b) to empower both internal and external users with the tools needed to extract insight and value from this data.  Qubida gave them a platform to deliver this strategic vision:

The QUBIDA Platform allows us to focus on Insights rather than losing time with Data Management and Preparation.

Tristan Tan (Head of Data Analytics, Zuellig Pharma)

The Solution

Our dedicated team implemented a QUBIDA’s On Demand, Self-Service Big Data platform that would be able to follow the “connect, discover and decide” data in motion model. Qubida platform connects, ingests, transforms and consolidates the data from multiple sources on demand as well as at rest. Zuellig Pharma data is ingested onto the Qubida platform from SAP Hana as well as Postgres databases, including product and solutions application data.

Qubida platform is at the heart of Zuellig Pharma’s Enterprise Data platform strategical vision. It is the One Stop shop for Client’s Data. It is a single point of contact for the users, it integrates previously remote data regardless of type or source.

Zuellig Pharma now has the ability to perform data mining on its data be it internal or external in origin.

ETL & Data warehousing is built into the QUBIDA’s Big Data platform. QUBIDA platform, rapidly scale up and down on demand, has been designed to accommodate additional query views and data dimensions based on the data structure and format. Additional filters have been designed to accommodate faster processing and aggregation of data to enable rich query capabilities and promote a faster user experience.

Data acquisition and transformation has been automated using the QUBIDA platform. QUBIDA allows timely distribution, consolidation and management of data with the possibility to make Historical data available to users (on demand scalability).

The solution has a Rich and intuitive UI to enable data discovery as well as operational analytical capabilities. Qubida has given Zuellig the option to cleanse data based on business rules defined for existing data.

The Key Benefits

QUBIDA, as a solution platform allowed Zuellig Pharma to empower internal workforce by bringing them closer to diversified data, to be more productive and reducing the dependency on external technology experts to streamline the Change Management Process. QUBIDA implementation has resulted in higher ROI and lower TCO for Zuellig Pharma.

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