The Datalynx Group

Together with Primetrack AG and Skillcloud AG, Datalynx AG belongs to the Datalynx Group of companies. We are a technology oriented group of companies in the IT industry and together we provide services for the Swiss market. Datalynx Group bundles and links the diverse competencies of the individual subsidiaries, thus expanding the range of services in favor of creative solutions.

Vision and mission statement

The Datalynx Group is committed to its customers and works with great dedication and care to provide innovative IT services and human resource solutions of outstanding quality.

Our customers are the reason we do business - our employees are the force that drives us. We deliver services that deliver measurable value to our customers and contribute significantly to the success of our company. Our employees are our greatest asset, which is why we continually invest in training and empowerment of our employees. Datalynx is committed to continuous growth in size and capabilities to provide the highest quality services to our customers.

Current Projects
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Years on the market

Values and beliefs


We are courageous and innovative.


We are determined and goal-oriented.


We adapt and overcome challenges.


We are reliable and trustworthy.

Warum bei Datalynx Arbeiten

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Bei uns stehst du im Mittelpunkt: Wir beraten und unterstützen unseren Kunden dabei, neue oder bestehende Projekte umzusetzen. Dies gelingt uns vor allem durch unsere langjährige Erfahrung, unser Business- und Technologiewissen und durch Abrufen von Know-how aus unserer Firmengruppe. Im Rahmen von Projektarbeit bist du immer direkt am Ort des Geschehens. Dort besprichst du zusammen mit den Kunden Ideen und findest die richtigen Lösungen. Somit arbeitest du sehr intensiv für und mit deinen Ansprechpartnern vor Ort. So können wir die Qualität und den Einsatz, den wir unseren Kunden versprechen, vollbringen.

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