Data protection and EU GDPR compliance

We anchor data protection and IT governance in your everyday business

Because data protection is an overarching issue in every organization

Our data protection experts know the EU-DSGVO (GDPR) as well as the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG) and will navigate you through the jungle of laws and regulations. We accompany you from the development of a strategy to its implementation and anchoring in daily operations. So that data protection and data security are not just written in small print, but are actually lived as part of the corporate culture.

Our areas of expertise

Planning & strategy

With the rapid technological progress, the requirements for data protection are also increasing - often differently from country to country. We show you which regulations are relevant to your business and how to integrate them into your business processes in a resource-saving way.

Information security

Data protection alone is not everything. That's why we also advise you on the design and implementation of sustainable, tailor-made IT security systems and also keep an eye on data security issues such as access control and separation of functions.

Awareness & training

Violations of data protection and -security not only lead to official sanctions, but also damage the company's reputation. With awareness training, we ensure that compliance is not just written in the small print, but is actually lived in everyday life.

Your benefits

Years of experience

With over 20 years of experience in IT compliance, we know what matters. Our experts advise and support you in strategy and governance as well as in daily operations.

Stable and efficient IT

By combining IT and compliance, we not only ensure that regulatory requirements are met, but we also ensure that your IT processes and services are always in view.

Holistic approach

With our holistic approach and the "right-the-first-time" approach, we ensure compliance with applicable regulations right from the start - thus creating efficiency in projects.

Lean processes

With the guiding principle of "Lean Compliance", we create lean, modern and secure processes that simultaneously save costs and use resources in a targeted and controlled manner.

Dedicated process knowledge

Thanks to our many years of experience in various industries, we combine state-of-the-art technology with industry expertise to create efficient solutions that ideally support your business processes.

Targeted synergies

We provide you with a contact person who will take care of all your concerns - and have a team of experts in the background who work closely together to create the ideal solution for you.

Personal for you

I am at your disposal for a personal conversation.

Serge Meyer

Serge Meyer
Head of Compliance & Group CEO

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