Streamlining Contract Management at BIAL with OutSystems

Fast implementation: Custom contract review and sign processes deployed in only 3 months with just 2 developers
One central repository to monitor all contracts in several geographies
No loss of Information: top level traceability of all processes

BIAL-Portela & Ca. S.A. is a leading pharmaceutical company based in Portugal, with a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1924. Specializing in the research, development, and production of pharmaceuticals, particularly focusing on neurological and psychiatric disorders, BIAL is renowned for its groundbreaking drug, Zebinix (eslicarbazepine acetate), approved for epilepsy treatment in multiple countries.

The introduction of a new centralized solution capable to accommodate end to end contract lifecycle management has massively improved not only contract monitoring but also the quality and speed of the revision process
Fábio Teixeira - Manager, IT R&D Solutions & Innovation, BIAL

The goal: Optimizing contract management

Improving communication
As a pharmaceutical company dedicated to innovation and with several affiliates across the world, BIAL is confronted with the complexity of relationships between several internal stakeholders and 3rd parties. The need for a centralized platform to streamline communication and optimize collaboration became a clear need as the number of contractual partners increased.

Contract lifecycle management
As the contracts go through different phases, effective management from the request to expiration is crucial. BIAL was looking for a solution that could provide a straightforward yet comprehensive overview of the entire contract lifecycle ensuring high standards of quality, compliance, and security.

Growing volume of contracts
BIAL's growth led to a surge in the number of contracts and its complexity. The management of these contracts proved to be very time-consuming which increasingly reduced operational efficiency.


The path: detailed needs analysis and clear goals

Needs assessment and goal setting
Datalynx conducted a thorough needs analysis to fully understand BIAL's specific contract management challenges. Clear objectives were set, including improving contract transparency, reducing manual processes, ensuring compliance and improving overall efficiency.

Detailed requirements gathering
In close cooperation with the parties involved, the requirements were recorded and refined in detail. Key functions such as contract creation, approval workflows, electronic signatures, document storage, reporting and analysis functions were identified and included in the definition of the overall objective.


Precise development with seamless integration and continuous improvement

Utilizing the low-code development capabilities of OutSystems, Datalynx's contract management platform was specifically adapted to BIAL's previously identified and defined requirements. All necessary workflows and user interfaces were developed in line with the company's contract processes.

Seamless integration with existing systems such as ERP, Adobe and Office 365 as well as with document management tools was ensured, guaranteeing both data consistency and accessibility.

Quality assurance
Rigorous testing was carried out to identify and fix any bugs or issues before launch. The review ensured that the platform met BIAL's requirements exactly and was also user-friendly.

Comprehensive introduction
The platform was introduced company-wide and all relevant employees were given direct access. Thanks to continuous monitoring, Datalynx was able to ensure optimal system performance and resolve any problems immediately.

Maintenance and support
A dedicated support team has been set up to assist users and resolve technical issues. Regular updates and improvements were planned and implemented based on user feedback and evolving business requirements.

Continuous improvement
The efficiency and use of the contract management platform were continuously evaluated by users. Feedback was obtained from users and interest groups in order to identify areas and potential for improvement and expansion.

«It took us just three months to build an end-to end solution capable to review, sign and store any contract while keeping a track of all activities related with contract management. The time spent with contract monitoring was significantly reduced and that helped to gain the confidence from our users in the solution.»
Fábio Teixeira - Manager, IT R&D Solutions & Innovation, BIAL

Full-scale introduction of an efficient platform for the entire contract management process

With this comprehensive approach, BIAL was able to successfully implement a robust and user-friendly contract management platform in a very short period of time with the help of Datalynx and OutSystems. This resulted in more efficient contract processes, better compliance and, not least, greater efficiency and transparency in contract management across the organization.

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