React Native can help to reduce complexity and development costs

React Native can help to reduce complexity and development costs

React native can replace native mobile development in most enterprises and thereby substantially reduce costs of application development

React native can help to reduce complexity and development costs. Developed and launched by Facebook in 2015, it was intended to make it possible to build native iOS and Android applications using JavaScript instead of native Apple and Java programming languages.

With react native only one codebase is required and you no longer need dedicated iOS and Android developers to build applications that look like, behave like, and feel like native iOS and Android apps. Your costs for an App are reduced by developing one React native App as compared to two separate Android and iOS applications.

Limitations: If our app is sophisticated and has heavy use of computations and platform-specific components the native App for iOS and for Android is a must.


  • The benefits of react native are time and labor saving thanks to single code base for both iOS and Android app. You save development time and can produce more business value instead of wasting it on platform support.
  • Open source Framework, although released by Facebook, it’s not owned by Facebook.
  • JavaScript is widely accepted scripting language, skills are widely available on the market and in enterprises
  • Performance is visible to users by hot reloading feature, i.e. you no longer need to update changes manually as hot reloading provides for instantaneous display of any data updates.


  • React native is not purely native technology and uses a lot of not-native components.
  • Simple Apps are realized in a breeze, but if the app includes advanced functions or need high computation power, then React Native needs to be used together with other native technologies such as Swift or Java. If the bridging between React Native with Swift/Java is not done correctly then performance issues may arise.
  • Because of the large code base, JavaScript is known to be vulnerable to security threats which requires care and especially scripts taken from third-party add-ons must be inspected thoroughly.

React native is a young technology, which will display its full capabilities in the future. Today it is not a complete replacement for native mobile development, but it is able to substantially ease the life of developers for most projects.

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