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The world today is globalized, the world of work has transformed, and a company's employees may be at work in geographically widely spread locations. Nevertheless, communication should function flawlessly on all channels. The term «Modern Workplace», which stands for this new type of collaboration, is omnipresent. Yet there doesn't seem to be a universally valid definition of it yet. We understand the term Modern Workplace to mean a modern, flexibly scalable, secure and future-proof working environment that can be used regardless of time and location and makes use of the latest hardware and software as well as digital tools such as the cloud, video conferencing platforms or chats. The goal of the Modern Workplace is to optimally network company employees with each other, make information centrally accessible, automate internal and external processes, and in this way improve the efficiency and productivity of the company through innovative technologies.

Thanks to the communication tools and applications available today, setting up flexible workplaces that enable work on different devices in multiple locations with access to all the necessary information and documents is no longer rocket science. However, it is not quite so easy for a company to find its way through the large range of options, to find the perfect set-up for its own needs and to ensure that the workplaces can keep pace with the rapid technological development and digitalization. A Modern Workplace is not simply a mobile workplace. There are many important points to consider to ensure that a Modern Workplace meets all the requirements described above and also runs smoothly in the long term and does not pose any security risks for the company. What needs to be considered during the set-up?

The most important criteria for successful Modern Workplaces

Modern Workplaces must primarily fulfill two points:

Point 1: A Modern Workplace is not a product like a toaster that is simply plugged into the power supply and then, with a bit of luck, runs trouble-free for the next 10 years. We live in the age of digitalization, automation and technological progress. This means that software and applications as well as hardware must be constantly adapted and optimized to new circumstances and requirements in order to guarantee both functionality and data security. Constant monitoring to identify weak points and elicit optimization potential is therefore necessary.

Point 2: A Modern Workplace should enable seamless collaboration and communication among a company's employees. This includes easy access to shared information and documents stored centrally on the company server, as well as the simultaneous joint processing of documents and rapid exchange via chat or communication platform - and all this while always maintaining data security.

In summary, therefore, a Modern Workplace should primarily provide the following services:

– facilitate communication among employees
Make information from different channels centrally available to everyone (Single Point of Information)
– ensure optimal connectivity throughout
– facilitate efficiency of the employees
– automate business processes
– facilitate security of the data
– be easily scalable via cloud services

Many companies do not want to have to deal with such details themselves. IT should «just work reliably». Internal IT often does not have enough free capacity to deal with such topics, which are often new to them, in detail and on an ongoing basis. Checking whether and which hardware and software updates or other adjustments are currently pending in order to ensure that the workplaces are constantly up-to-date is very time-consuming. Frequently, however, there is also a lack of willingness to embrace new ideas and arguments such as «It's always been like this!» and «It's worked up to now» can stand in the way of innovative ideas and setups. For these reasons, it can make sense to book the service of an experienced IT provider who knows how to meet the company's requirements, what obstacles or problems may be associated with the introduction of the new working technologies, and also knows ways and means to skillfully overcome such hurdles.

Let the experts handle it

When designing Modern Workplaces for employees, IT providers can respond specifically and flexibly to companies' special requirements and needs and put together an appropriate package for them.

IT providers often have years of experience in implementing such projects. That is why they know exactly what is important when setting up secure and individually optimized Modern Workplaces. A complete «Workplace as a Service» package covers the entire lifecycle of a Workplace: the definition of the necessary infrastructure, the supply and installation of hardware and software, maintenance and monitoring of operations, right through to disposal or replacement at the end of the cycle. As a company, you benefit from the fact that IT providers are always up to date on the latest developments, tools and applications and have already put them through their paces for you in terms of functionality and efficiency before deploying them on your premises.

You can obtain software and applications directly from the cloud and capacities are flexibly scalable - in both directions, so you only ever pay for exactly the services you need at any given time. Data security is the foundation and a must for any managed services provider, so you don't have to worry about that either.
Would you like to place the organization and monitoring of your Workplace in our experienced hands? We will guide you expertly through the entire process and take care of worry-free operation.

We also offer various other managed IT services that you can flexibly combine with each other and that will certainly make your everyday life easier, so that your IT can fully concentrate on its core competencies. Contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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