Workplace of the GLKB Board of Directors digitalized

Founded in 1884, Glarner Kantonalbank is strongly anchored in the canton of Glarus with 6 locations. As a universal bank, GLKB focuses on the mortgage and savings business as well as asset management and investment business. GLKB is focusing intensively on the digitalization of the banking business.


The goal: A suitable board management platform for Switzerland's most digital bank

Ten years ago, Glarner Kantonalbank (GLKB) was named «Switzerland's most digital bank» by the fintech portal Finews. A year later, the CIO at the time, Ralf Luchsinger, received the «CIO of the Year» award. When GLKB was thinking about digitalizing and securing the communication of its Board of Directors in 2016, it was a key aspect that the successful «One Device, Anytime, Anywhere with Touch» strategy could be continued. Therefore, when selecting a product for the secure exchange of information by the Board of Directors, GLKB only considered software that could be seamlessly integrated into the existing environment and could ideally be operated in its own data center. Specifically the strengths of the document management Platform Microsoft SharePoint together with the possibilities offered by Single sign-on of the new Windows 10 on the mobile device Microsoft Surface should be used with touch functions to provide the members of the Board of Directors with the necessary strategic information and documents in good time. The project team led by the Secretary to the Board of Directors also wanted an interface that was simple and intuitive to use and did not require any training or extensive familiarization time on the part of the Board members.


The path: The Loomion portal as an ideal addition to the existing technology infrastructure

GLKB had already implemented its enterprise environment in Microsoft technology years ago. The Microsoft SharePoint environment was already being used successfully for collaboration. This meant that all the necessary components for operating Loomion were available and the extensions could be implemented without any additional effort. The members of the Board of Directors were equipped with GLKB's own Microsoft Surface devices. Loomion for Windows was installed on these tablets and set up for the users. The special feature here was the use of the single sign-on functions of Windows 10: once logged on to the tablet, each member of the Board of Directors automatically has access to all important information and documents from past, current and future meetings and can read and comment on them conveniently on the screen in full format. It was important to the project team that the operation of the graphical user interface was optimized both for input with a digital pen and for the use of fingers for all usable program functions. The Loomion portal was integrated and configured at GLKB within one working day.


With the intuitive Loomion software, you can get started very quickly.

Just a few hours after the BoD secretary launched the Loomion portal, the first meetings were recorded and the associated documents uploaded. During the training of the secretarial staff, everyone found Loomion to be simple and self-explanatory. After a brief presentation of the new tool to the Board of Directors, they also found the Loomion software to be intuitive to use, time-saving and easy to work with. All seven members of the Board of Directors of GLKB now use the Loomion portal to update their knowledge and have dispensed with numerous and insecure emails.

«Glarner Kantonalbank, which was named «Switzerland's most digital bank» by Finews, was looking for an ideal addition to its «One Device, Anytime, Anywhere with Touch» workplace for board members and found it in an ideal way - with twelve Directors Portal.»
Ralf Luchsinger, CIO of Glarner Kantonalbank until 2019
Christopher Knabe

CEO Loomion AG
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