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For our modern IT solutions, we use innovative technologies that we have tested ourselves and can recommend.


We accompany your digitalization, support you in the automation of your business processes and advise you on the selection of software and IT technologies.

With the help of established IT tools, we develop individual software and data management solutions for you that keep pace with the times. If off-the-shelf applications cannot meet your requirements, you have come to the right place.

For our solutions, we use and recommend the IT technologies with which we ourselves have had the best experience. We are familiar with most technologies, but we are particularly strong in low-code application development on the OutSystems, Mendix and Microsoft Power Apps platforms as well as in the area of Microsoft technologies.

Tested and recommended

Our CTO Stefan Heer has years of experience in the areas of digitalization and technology and is very quick to recognize whether new IT trends and developments have a future. He ensures that our customers can benefit directly from the latest achievements in the field of IT.

Our technologies briefly explained

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 logo (2022)

Microsoft 365 has everything you need for a Modern Workplace. The diverse tools form the basis for innovative working methods. Thanks to the wide range of functions, it feels as if the whole team is together in the office, regardless of where they work. From interactive communication tools to practical tools for increasing efficiency and automating workflows and tasks - Microsoft 365 offers everything a company's heart desires. We know how you can make the most of all these possibilities and integrate them into your existing IT infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 includes the latest versions of classic Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. Users can install these applications on their desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, giving them access to their work files from anywhere.

Exchange Online is the cloud-based email service from Microsoft 365, offering features such as secure email communication, calendar sharing, contacts and task management as well as anti-spam and anti-malware protection.

SharePoint Online is a document management and collaboration platform that enables teams to organize, collaborate and share documents and information. SharePoint offers functions such as team websites, document libraries, release authorizations and workflow integration.

A messaging and collaboration platform that integrates chat, video conferencing, file sharing and teamwork into a single application. Teams enables users to communicate and collaborate in real time, regardless of their location.

The Microsoft 365 cloud storage service that allows users to securely store, synchronize and share files. Each user receives a personal OneDrive library that can be accessed from anywhere.

Microsoft Planner is a task management application that enables teams to create, assign and track tasks. Planner integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams and SharePoint.

Yammer is a corporate network that enables users to communicate in social groups, exchange ideas and share information. Yammer promotes collaboration and the exchange of knowledge within organizations.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides a flexible, scalable and trusted cloud platform that enables companies to develop innovative solutions, modernize their IT infrastructure and better achieve their business goals. By using Azure, companies can improve agility, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage by accessing a variety of services and solutions that can be tailored to their specific needs.

Wir haben die notwendige Erfahrung, um für Sie die bestmögliche Lösung zu definieren und umzusetzen. Microsoft Azure vereinigt unzählige Möglichkeiten auf einer Plattform. Wir stellen Ihnen hier nur einige vor. Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach, wenn Sie konkrete Anforderungen und Wünsche haben.

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of Infrastructure-as-a-Service products, including virtual machines (VMs), storage, network functions and security services. These services enable companies to operate and scale their IT infrastructure in the cloud without having to purchase and maintain physical hardware.

In addition to IaaS, Azure also offers a variety of platform-as-a-service products that enable developers to create, deploy and scale applications quickly and easily. These include services such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Functions and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Microsoft offers a range of Software-as-a-Service applications in the cloud, including Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. These applications provide productivity, collaboration, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities and enable organizations to access these applications in a flexible and scalable way.

Azure offers a variety of services for data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), including Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks and Azure Cognitive Services. These services enable companies to store, analyze and visualize data, gain insights from it and develop AI-supported applications.

Azure IoT offers a comprehensive solution for the Internet of Things that enables companies to connect IoT devices, collect and analyze data, and develop intelligent IoT applications. Azure IoT includes services such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Edge and Azure Sphere.

Azure offers a range of security and compliance services that enable companies to securely protect their data and applications in the cloud. These include functions such as identity and access management, threat protection, encryption, security monitoring and compliance certifications.

Microsoft offers a comprehensive range of DevOps tools and services to help companies optimize their software development and deployment and foster a DevOps culture. The main components of Azure DevOps include Azure Boards for task management, Azure Repos for version control, Azure Pipelines for continuous integration and deployment, Azure Artifacts for package management and Azure Test Plans for test management.

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a variety of tools and services for software development and supports a wide range of programming languages and platforms. Microsoft has acquired GitHub, the world's largest platform for version control and collaborative software development.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a platform for document management and efficient collaboration. It makes it possible to organize content, edit it together and exchange information. Interesting functions include creating team websites, sharing documents, managing content, collaborating in real time and searching for information.

SharePoint can be used to optimize internal processes, improve teamwork and increase efficiency by providing important information in a central location for storage and access. SharePoint is an integral part of the Microsoft 365 suite and can be seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft products such as Office applications, Teams and OneDrive. We would be happy to advise you on the optimal use of SharePoint in your company.

Documents, files and content can be stored and organized in one central location. Helpful additional functions to support the efficient management of content include versioning, metadata management, check-in/check-out and document sharing.
You can create your own internal team websites as a central place for collaboration. There are helpful functions to promote collaboration and internal team communication, such as document libraries, discussion forums, task lists, calendars and announcements.

Sharing, collaborating on and releasing information is easy and very secure for team members thanks to features such as file sharing, document co-authoring, user permissions and notifications .

A powerful search function with full-text search, filtering by metadata, auto-complete suggestions and personalized search results saves a lot of time.

Workflows and business processes can be integrated into the collaboration environment. Custom workflows can be created and it's possible to set up automated processes for approving, tracking and notifying tasks.

SharePoint is a very flexible platform that allows companies to customize their team websites and content to their specific needs. For example, companies can create custom designs, templates, web parts and apps and integrate them into SharePoint to extend the functionality of the platform and adapt the website to their own branding.

SharePoint offers a variety of functions and apps for mobile devices to access team websites and content on the go.

Application development with low-code

We are specialists in the field of application development with low-code. We currently use mainly, but not exclusively, three of the leading platforms on the market.

Low-code platform 1

Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is one of the leading low-code platforms and offers a user-friendly and powerful solution for application development that enables companies to meet their business requirements quickly and efficiently. It has a suite of tools that make it possible to create custom low-code business applications without extensive coding knowledge.

The Microsoft Power Platform offers a comprehensive solution for the digital transformation of companies and is particularly suitable when close integration with other Microsoft products is desired. Our low-code specialists work with you to develop individual business applications in the Microsoft Power Platform that precisely meet your requirements and needs.

The most important advantages and features of the platform

The Power Platform offers various tools such as Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents, which provide users with an intuitive user interface and visual development environments. This allows users to quickly and easily create applications, set up automations, generate reports and develop chatbots to meet their specific business needs.

The Microsoft Power Platform is closely linked and integrated with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. Users can seamlessly access data and functionality in these platforms and use them in their Power Platform applications to create a comprehensive solution for their business needs. The platform can also be easily integrated with other technologies.

Microsoft's low-code platform is highly scalable and flexible and can be adapted to the requirements of companies of any size. From simple internal applications to complex enterprise solutions, the Microsoft Power Platform offers the necessary tools and functions to create high-quality applications that meet your specific requirements.

The Microsoft Power Platform has built-in security features and policies to ensure the security of applications and data. With features such as role-based access control, data encryption and compliance certifications, users can be sure that their applications meet the highest security standards.

Low-code platform 2


The cloud-native OutSystems platform is the industry-leading low-code platform for application development and operation. It uses an AI-driven toolset that automates and massively simplifies the software development process. Applications can be created, adapted to new requirements, deployed and managed amazingly quickly with OutSystems. By applying this digital perspective to your business processes, your organization can set up and execute these workflows much faster than with traditional development methods. This enables companies of all sizes to implement their digitalization projects efficiently and smoothly.

The OutSystems platform offers companies three important development prerequisites for success in the digital age: it can build applications quickly, correctly and for the future.

Our low-code specialists work with you to develop business applications on the OutSystems platform that are not available «off the shelf» - perfectly tailored to your needs and wishes.

The most important advantages and features of the platform

By using visual development tools, pre-built components and an intuitive user interface, developers can quickly prototype apps, gather feedback and deploy applications in record time. Applications can be updated and deployed with a single mouse click. OutSystems automatically checks dependencies and takes care of all database scripts and deployment processes.

OutSystems can be integrated into any existing technology and can extend its functionality. Integration with SOAP and REST services as well as SAP systems is already set up, and OutSystems generates all methods and data structures, which significantly reduces time, effort and error rates.

The architecture of applications created with OutSystems supports a wide range of options and is characterized by its scalability. A simple application can grow into a large application with millions of users without additional development. Whether you want to develop a simple internal application or a complex enterprise solution with low-code, the OutSystems platform provides the flexibility and scalability needed.

OutSystems is designed to ensure the security of applications from development through deployment to operation. To maintain this high standard, OutSystems uses security assessment tools as part of the automated quality assurance process.

Low-code platform 3


The Mendix Low-Code Platform is a leading solution for the rapid development and deployment of enterprise applications. Low-code application development with Mendix allows organizations of any size to create customized applications to address their business challenges without going through complex and time-consuming development processes.

The most important advantages and features of the platform

The Mendix Low-Code Platform enables developers to build applications much faster than with traditional development methods. By using visual development tools, drag-and-drop components and ready-made templates, even complex applications can be developed quickly and easily.

The Mendix Low-Code Platform provides seamless integration with existing systems, databases and external APIs. Developers can easily access, retrieve and update enterprise data to create powerful and integrated applications that communicate with other enterprise applications.

The Mendix Low-Code Platform is extremely scalable and flexible and and can be adapted to the specific requirements and growth objectives of companies. Whether developing a simple internal application or a complex enterprise solution, the Mendix provides the flexibility and scalability required.

The security of applications and data is a top priority. The Mendix Low-Code Platform provides built-in security features and policies to protect the applications built with it from threats and ensure regulatory compliance.

Future-oriented digital solutions

We develop your individual software or data management solution in such a way that it fits perfectly - today and in the future.

«Companies have very different requirements and needs. We find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for each customer to digitalize processes in a meaningful way. »
Stefan Heer, Group CTO (Technology)
«Companies have very different requirements and needs. We find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for each customer to digitalize processes in a meaningful way. »
Stefan Heer, Group CTO (Technology)

In the fast-moving world of digitalization, it can be crucial to be informed about the latest trends, developments and innovation opportunities and their benefits in good time in order to remain competitive and identify opportunities for your company. In our House of IT Insights we regularly present the latest developments and innovations in IT technology in short blog articles, which we believe can have a positive impact on the way companies work or should work.

Take a look at our blog from time to time if you would like to find out about promising and future-oriented technologies or contact me personally if you have any specific questions.

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